Garra Rufa Spa.

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Here, you bathe your feet in an aquarium with Garra Rufa fish (also called Doctor fish). The treatment can be compared with a kind of micro-massage on your feet and lower leg. The process involves Garra Rufa fish eating the feet’s dead skin cells, leaving them soft and well-cared for. The fish also secrete a natural enzyme beneficial to the skin, while the massaging action stimulates blood flow to the area helping your feet to feel fresh, rejuvenated and revived.

Garra Rufa fish treatment with is completely harmless and painless. It just feels as if your feet are being gently tickled/or as a tingling sensation while the Garra Rufa fish go to work.

Prices for treatment:

15 min. 15,- EUR   
20 min. 20,- EUR  
30 min. 25,- EUR  

Note: Treatment time covers time/stay in the fish spa. You should also allow about 15 minutes for washing of feet, changing shoes and drying, etc. )

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